Bespoke Services

Starting from scratch, enjoy the beauty of custom tailoring. It's a unique personalized experience between you and our master tailors.


Firstly, you will decide your favorite style of suit that best complements your body type along with our professional advice.

Various quality fabrics with different color shades and pattern are available for you to choose from.Besides normal wool fabric, MADEGI also offer cotton, linen, velvet, seersucker , denim etc. to meet your needs.




Then, accurate measurements of different body parts will be taken by our staff to ensure we have precise numbers and details for creating an outfits.

Besides measuring, we also carry out body analysis at the same time. It is a magical part since without us telling you, clients sometimes do not realize they have one side shoulder slanting or other special features.

These information are crucial for our master tailor to adjust the cutting of the outfits.




Under certain circumstances, you would be called for a fitting session to examine the 'fitting mould' several days after taking the measurement.

The garment is fitted on you to investigate every detail to be altered making sure your suit fits like a glove.

This prevent harming the fabric if any changes have to be made and you will be able to receive a flawless final product.




Finally, put on your tailor-made suit and make sure it is perfectly sitting on your body. Appreciate your decent customized clothing and suit up!

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