Payment Methods

1.For Cheque payment

Cheque made payable to “MADEGI" ,Fubon Bank (HK) Limited Account Number: 86207314832Promissory notes or cheque will not be accepted.


2. Bank Payment
Fubon Bank (HK) Limited Account Number:
86207314832  (Remark: Bank Code (128) will be required if payment is made via InterBank transfer)
Customer can pay through Teller, ATM & Phone Banking services provided by both Fubon Bank (HK) Limited,For Cheque payment, such cheque should be made payable to “MADEGI”


- Online Banking, CHATS, Electronic Cheque or Remittance Payment - All payments should be made payable to “MADEGI”


- For customer who paid thru Bank-In; ATM Transfer; Cheque Deposit are required to send in the payment slip thru ; Fax :2366-3248; Whatsapp :9481-6241 to our Customer Service Department for further payment follow up process.




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